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N. dyeriana BE4032

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This item is a piece of history. So far as we can tell, it's rare in cultivation, being unusually difficult to propagate from cuttings, although easy to grow.
From a single clone propagated from cuttings and of the same clone as the original 19th century cross.

Item description: This hybrid is a complex one being N. x ‘dicksoniana’ (= N. veitchii x N. rafflesiana) x N. x ‘mixta’ (= N. maxima x N. northiana).

The name N. x ‘dyeriana’ appears not to be officially registered anywhere, and seems to have first appeared in an edition of the ‘Gardeners Chronicle’ (Kew), where is was supposedly referred to have been named in honor of N. x Sir William T. Thiselton Dyer. It’s perhaps the largest of the Nepenthes of the Victorian era, there is only a single clone in cultivation and although not flowered , it’s said to be male. We’ve not researched this, but it’s understood to have won a Gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 1900. So, this plant really is a piece of history! These are large plants.

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